Short Peace – Otomo Katsuhiro’s New Animated Film Trailer

Posted By yonghow on March 5th, 2013

An official trailer has just been released for Otomo Katsuhiro’s upcoming animated film “Short Peace”, an omnibus featuring 4 short films, done in the format of Otomo’s earlier film Memories perhaps.

The four directors are Otomo himself, Morita Shuhei (Kakurenbo, Freedom Project), Hiroaki Ando (co-director of Tekkon Kinkreet) and Hajime Katoki (mecha designer for Gundam, Super Robot Wars, Virtua On, Patlabor and tons of other stuff.)

Koji Morimoto has also been credited on the official page as the director of the film’s opening sequence. Gotta be good !

Really looking forward to this one. I haven’t seen any of Morita-san’s work since working under him on Freedom (here’s an interview with him and 2 of my ex-colleagues Sakamoto-san and Kanemoto-san), nor Ando-san ( I still have his autographed Tekkon Kinkreet dvd boxset somewhere. ), so it’s great to see them working together with Otomo again.

I’ll try to update this page as and when new information comes up on the official page here.

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this is exciting! unfortunately it will probably be quite a while before i get to see it here in the states. i even had to wait until Letter To Momo and From Up On Poppy Hill came out on on Bluray in Japan to download it until it is released in the US. damn it!


also, i recognize what i believe are a few of his short stories from way back in the day, just like what Memories did.


Zack – I hope Otomo’s name will be popular enough to get it a wider release outside of Japan, can’t wait to see this too. :]


Well we know the Edo period one is Otomo’s…possibly the short story from 1995 that was in the SOS collection?

And that’s definitely Farewell to Weapons as well!! Holy crap, this is gonna be AWESOME!!


Big fan of “Akira”, of course, as well as “Cannon Fodder” and “The Order to Halt Construction”, but not a fan at all of “Steam Boy” or “Freedom Project”. “Steam Boy’s” color pallet and frenetic direction actually made me physically ill—so much so that I was barely able to concentrate on the storyline or characters. “Freedom Project” just simply was not well-thought out at all, with WAAAAAY too much emphasis on goofy stereotypical “post apocalypse” anime clown and punk characters a-la “Megazone 23 Part 2”. Hopefully his work in this new montage will be on par with his earlier short films.


Josh – Yep, pretty stoked here too. :]

MrSatyre – For the record, Otomo-san’s involvement in Freedom was limited to just the designs for the mecha and primary characters, he gave little, if any input for the story.

I somewhat agree with you on Steamboy – the art was amazing, but let down by a not so fantastic story.


i really liked Steamboy, but i understand that most folks weren’t into it. i thought the story was simple enough, but the art design and animation were fantastic.


I’ll just chime in quickly to say that I was also let down by Steamboy. I wanted to love it, especially after ALL the time it took in development, but MrSatyre nailed it as to why it didn’t work for me…the COLORS! It was just two hours of different shades of brown. So dull. But still, props to Otomo for taking a chance on something different, as he always does!


i can understand how a films colors could irk you, but in it’s defense, have you ever seen Manchester? in that period, brown is an understatement.

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