Bicycle Life With Kawaii Girls Art Book Review

Posted By blauereiter der on December 4th, 2011

Don’t let the somewhat silly book title throw you – “Bicycle Life with Kawaii Girls” is an excellent collection of gorgeous art work from some of the top manga artists and illustrators working in Japan right now as they pay tribute to the popular bike culture in the country.

I myself used to commute to work on my Scott bicycle ( complete with messenger bag and all ) when I was working in Sunrise Animation Studios, a full hour of non stop, swift cycling from Tanashi to Ogikubo. With the exception of Summer and rainy days, it’s a really comfortable and enjoyable way to travel, away from the packed trains in Tokyo.

(above) Illustration by celebrated Ghibli animator/illustrator Kitarou Kousaka. His impressive resume is waaay too long to list here.

(above) A piece by the incredibly talented Masaki Hirooka. This illustration does no justice to his work at all – check out his all his great stuff at

(above) A hot dame on wheels by Tomokazu Nakano, a games illustrator for SNK/Sega. Reminds me of illustrations by Ghost In The Shell creator Masamune Shirow – check out his Intron Depot art book.

(above) Illustrator Kouji Ogata of Boogie Pop Phantom fame. Has he done any new work recently ?

(below) Certainly Range Murata of Last Exile / Blue Submarine needs no introduction – he also illustrated the front cover image for this book.

(above) Art work by mecha designer Makoto Kobayashi. (below) An interview with illustrator Katsuya Terada ( of Monkey King fame ), who is really into bicycles. Be sure to check out the book review for VIVA IL CICLISSIMO! which he co-authored with Akira creator Otomo Katsuhiro, another big cycling fan.

(above) A handy database section at the end of the book let’s you review profiles of all the 40+ artists who have contributed to the book.

Definitely add this to your collection -  the sheer volume of high quality illustrations are well worth it even if cycling or bicycles are not your thing.

“Bicycle Life With Kawaii Girls″ details :

- Dimensions – 10 x 8.3 x 0.7 inches

- Softcover, 155 pages

- Full color

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Bahi JD

OH!! ( ° 0°) TOKIYA!!

haha! Finally!

Glad to see his work printed in a artbook

His style is growing very big in the japanese artists community among Kawayoo and others.

check out his other works


What a surprise! I was looking for a piece of information about Patlabot and I found halcyonrealms: your blog is wonderful.
Interesting that two bikes showed here are made in Italy. Moreover, Tomokazu Nakano’s wonderful drawing shows a Pinarello bike, made in Treviso, the city I work in.
Vong I’ll follow you from here to eternity.



Claudio – Thank you so much for visting ! :]

madz estioco

could you post a list of all the artist who contributed in this artbook? pls?


madz – you can find the full lists of artists here :


Your blog post inspire me to create my own post about cycling manga genre which under radar of manga reader compare other theme such as soccer, baseball, or basket ball manga.

Would you mind if I use some cycling materials from your blog?
I will put your website as references too.


Hii yonghow,

I completed my post, uploaded it and got some good responds both from cyclist and manga reader.
Here the link:

Lastly, do you know other art book about bicycle or similar like this one?

Hope they reprinted or update it. I will search it.


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