Old Automobiles Guide – Katsuya Terada Manga Book Review

Posted By yonghow on November 20th, 2013

“Minute And Intelligible Guide Of Somewhat Old Automobiles” is a manga collaboration between Katsuya Terada and writer Dave Shigihara. The title is an apt synopsis of the manga’s content, illustrated in Terada’s distinctive style of art work, but with a whimsical touch.

Apparently the first print of this manga (released in a bigger A4 sized back in 1994) is Terada’s first ever published work. Can anyone verify this ?

(above left) While they’re probably of limited interest only to automobile fans, the intricate and superbly detailed drawings of engine parts and such is still an enjoyment to look at.

(above left) An avid cyclist himself, Terada teams up with Otomo in this amazing art book VIVA IL CICLISSIMO!. (below) The manga comes with a postcard.

A manga packed with Terada goodness, whether you’re a fan of automobiles or not. Recommended.

Minute And Intelligible Guide Of Somewhat Old Automobiles - Katsuya Terada Manga details :

- Dimensions – 8 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches
- Softcover, 208 pages, comes with a postcard
- Black & White, in Japanese language

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I really like this book a lot. Terra is such an amazing draftsman, and this book is another example of his mastery of form.

Everything I look up seems to confirm what you are saying about the first edition of that book as his solo publication, but I’m pretty sure that his first actual published work maybe were his illustrations in Nintendo Power in the 80s. Also, I would say that I enjoy the cover to this new edition of the book a little more. The printing job is fantastic.

Here is a brief article I did on him on Gaikoku no Oni:


Zack – Great article. :]

You probably know this already but Terada-san has a new art book coming out next month, based on some exhibition work he did in the states ? – http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/430992008X/?tag=jpboxsets-22

Loving forward to that.


I knew that he had an exhibit in San Francisco this year, but I wasn’t able to make it out. I also heard something about the book, but not a release date for it; thanks for the heads up!

Cobalt 60

Hi guys,

Terada said he was very influenced by Mœbius. Which is obvious when you see his work.
By the way, my book “Mœbius ou les errances du trait” about the art of Mœbius is ready to be sold in France from November 28th. I
t’s not a making of but a very detailed study of the skills Mœbius uses in his art. Amongst many more subjects, are studied: his black and white techniques hatchings/dots and his evolution, the artists who influenced him, his morphology, his typo, his perpective and space, his sense of composition, editing and storytelling, the mysteries of his mistakes in some drawings, his use of photo, sometimes explained with diagrams for a clearer visualization.
The second part of the book is a complete checklist of his work in Europe and in the US, including very rare documents.
This book is the first study on Mœbius skills and the most complete checklist on his work ever published. 800 copies, available only in French for the time being.


Cobalt 60 – Wow, any chance it will be published in English ? Do you have a link to the book details ? :]


yes, please, Cobalt. that sounds like a great piece. i would love to be able to read that someday.

Cobalt 60

Details here (in French only, sorry).


I don’t know if an English version will be published one day. The publisher is maybe too small for that. I’m now trying to find a Japanese publisher since Moebius is so admired in Japan.


That looks sweet ! An English or Japanese version would be great, let us know ! :]

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