Kim Jung-Gi 2007 Sketch Collection Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on February 24th, 2013

We’ve already established the excellence of Korean illustrator Kim Jung-Gi’s draftsmanship in this earlier post so I won’t wax anymore lyrical. This guy can pretty much draw anything & everything and make them look good.

This book covers his sketches up to the year 2007, and the 2nd book up to 2011.

The size and volume of the book is pretty similar to Katsuya Terada’s Rakugaking, another great book to check out. Compared to his 2011 collection there’s quite a bit more colored pieces and comic panels in this one, often finished up to a more refined/detailed level.

Kim Jung-Gi 2007 Sketch Collection Art Book details :

– Dimensions – 15 x 21 x 4 cm
– Softcover, 1000 pages
– Color and Black and white, select color works

Availability :

Amazon purchase link here. It can be purchased directly from the artist’s website at

If you’re from Singapore, the book is available from Basheer as well as the Kinokuniya main store in Orchard Takashimaya. A reader has also mentioned that online order is possible through Stuart Ng books in the US.


2 Responses to “Kim Jung-Gi 2007 Sketch Collection Art Book Review”


this guy is really disgusting. everything he produces is incredible, but i think this book is my favorite out of his work. i would love to see some of the short story pages in actual full comics. it’s possible that they exist, but i admittedly know very little about the Korean comic scene, save for stuff like this and the Korea: As Told By 12 Creators, which is a great read, also (as is it’s predecessor, Japan: As Told By 17 Creators).


Kim Jung Gi’s art is terrific. His work has so much variety and his style and technique is superb. I would love to have this book and the 2011 sketchbook.

He can draw anything he wants.