Visiting Katsuya Terada’s 10 Ten Retrospective Exhibition

Posted By yonghow on May 9th, 2013

I visited Katsuya Terada’s 10 Ten Retrospective exhibition held at the Kyoto International Manga Museum (running till the 30th of June 2013) while on the Kyoto leg of my recent Japan trip. The museum is located very near the Karasuma Oike station, just 3 stops away from Kyoto JR station.

(above) The main entrance to the museum. It had started to rain by the time I arrived.

(above) The museum lobby/reception, located next to the museum shop. Tickets are purchased through the 2 ticketing machines shown above.

(above) Also on exhibit are many of the fantastic illustrations from the sketch travel project. ( read more here. ) Your museum ticket grants you access to these exhibits as well, which is cool.

(above) A giant panel featuring Terada’s illustration. This is one of the few art pieces where photography is allowed.

The exhibition is split into 2 rooms, one featuring giant art panels like the one shown above, and the 2nd room displaying black & white comic panels from Terada’s manga.

Admittedly, I do feel that the number of art pieces that were on display were a little underwhelming. This is especially evident when you look at the art book released in conjunction with the exhibition. Many of the art work in the book have never been published before, but unfortunately they were not on display at the exhibition either.

ps. I’ll love to hear your views if anyone has been to the exhibition as well.


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Cobalt 60


I visited the exhibition last week and was a little bit disapointed. First, the work exposed is almost only digital printed enlarged panels and illustration of Terada’s work. Seeing digital paintings is not like seeing actual paintings. It’s a real problem now, I think, for all the artists who used computered illustrations. It’s just boring to see them in an exhibition. It looks like illusion. Something look like oil painting and when you are close to the image, there’s nothing to see.
Luckely, there’s another room full of original drawings in black and white made for “gazolin life” , in the same room you can see pencils from Terada’s sketchbook, which is the moste interesting part of the exhibition.
The museum itself has no interest if you don’t like manga. It looks more like librairy of manga than an “international musuem”.
For those who want to buy the catalog, try to find the “English version”, well, actually, it’s full in Japanese, but the back of the dust cover includes an interview in Japanese of Terada.

Cobalt 60

an interview in English of Terada.


Cobalt 60 – Yep, that was pretty much how I felt after visiting. By the way, was the “English version” only for sale at the museum ? Amazon Japan seem to carry only the normal edition.

Cobalt 60

I don’t know. I discovered it only in the museum. I bought the normal edition in a bookstore in Tokyo where I didn’t see any English version. I bought the “English one” for a friend in the museum. The title of the book is also in English. Actually, the interview and introduction in English are the same as in the free four-page leaflet that visitors can pick up in the museum. It means if the English version is only sold in the museum, it doesn’t help. 🙂
Luckely, my teacher of English doesn’t read my messages otherwise he would feel ashamed. I make so many mistakes. 🙂


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