Ecstasy of Saint Teresa – Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome.

Posted By yonghow on August 5th, 2013

The church Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome was one of the designated stops we wanted to make while in the city, because of one exceptional item of interest.

We studied the maps and figured it was within walking distance from our hotel, and seeing how the weather was beautiful that day we decided to venture there on foot. (below) The colors of autumn were still in effect although it was already late December.

(above) Japanese model Tao Okamoto, who recently appeared in Wolverine, endorses a giant Emporio Armani billboard. (below) A tiny but gorgeous looking car.

The external facade of Santa Maria della Vittoria looks plain enough, but once you step inside…

I think the words opulent, ornate and resplendent had to be invented to describe the ceiling decorations of this place.

(above) And the prize of our excursion – laying our eyes on the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by the master sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The highly dramatic poses of the characters and the energetic shafts of god rays in the background gives an invigorating viewing experience.

Santa Maria della Vittoria is far from the biggest or grandest of churches in Rome, but the splendour of the decor and Bernini’s masterpiece make the trip well worth.

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