Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition Preview

Posted By yonghow on November 22nd, 2019

Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition Preview

The Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition is a manga art exhibition showcasing the work of anime director/manga artist Otomo Katsuhiro’s illustration work that has been realized as a series of giant mural art at Shibuya’s Parco shopping mall. See my earlier posts here, here, here and here.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I am unable to travel to Tokyo to attend the exhibition, so I’m enjoying the show vicariously through the numerous photographs and coverage from several Japanese social networking sources. Here are some preview pictures of what the exhibition will look like, courtesy of the art magazine Bijyutsutecho

Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition Preview
Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition Preview
Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition Preview

The “Akira Booth” has all the merchandise any Akira fan can dream of – I recognize most of them, but there are several items of interest that I’ve never seen before.

(above) Also on feature at the exhibition is this amazing giant statue/sculptor of the mutating Tetsuo.

(above) More pictures of the exhibition from members of illustrator Kim Jung gi‘s inner circle.

Akira Art Of Wall Art Book Preview

If you’re unable to attend the exhibition like me, a silver lining lies in the lovely art book ( image above ) that reproduces all the mural art that were displayed at Parco Shibuya from 2017 to 2019. More item and purchase details here.

The Akira Art Of Wall Exhibition will commence on the 22nd of November and end on the 8/16th ( 2 separate locations ). More details on the official website.

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