Happy 2013 From Halcyon Realms

Posted By yonghow on January 1st, 2013

Here’s to a good one for all you folks out there ! Thank you for visiting Halcyon Realms the past year(s) and I hope 2013 will usher in good things in all manners for everyone.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been traveling around Italy, hopping from Rome to Florence and then Milan. The picture above was taken during a re-enactment of Nativity that we were lucky enough to chance upon shortly before Christmas. Candle lamps were distributed to the audience and the soft, warm glow it gave off illuminated the night quite magically.

It will take a while to edit the 2 thousand or so pictures I took, here are a few random ones I picked out; more in the coming weeks.

Happy New year ! :]

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5 Responses to “Happy 2013 From Halcyon Realms”


Glad to see you made it home in the end. 🙂

I always love your photo entries (I think the first picture is my favourite from these samples). Hmmm, really liking the picture quality that your Canon is giving here.

This is probably the wrong question to ask you, but what kind of photo editor do you use?


I wish you a happy new year to you, too.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Italy. I have a conflicted love for my country, but I think Italy has a huge treasure of beauty for the foreign visitors. I hope to see your beautiful photos soon.


alua – Most entry level dslr these days are pretty decent. A good set of lens can make a difference.

Mario – :] You’re from a beautiful country, with a rich and interesting history.


The pictures are lovely! Italy must have been amazing. Looking forward to seeing more.

Btw, Amanda and I are making plans to see a movie sometime this month so hope you can join us? I don’t know what’s coming out, but I’m sure there will be something good…


May-lynn : Sounds good ! I’ll keep a lookout for good shows too. :]