La Vie En Rose – Natalie Portman Dior Commercial

Posted By yonghow on March 3rd, 2013

Some very pretty photography (and people) going on for the Sofia Coppola directed commercial “Miss Dior”, starring the incredibly beautiful Natalie Portman.

My first guess on who the DOP for the shoot was went to Lance Acord, who worked on Coppola’s Lost In Translation and Marie Antoinette but he was nowhere in sight in the making of videos; neither was he in the credit list. If anyone knows please do tell.

The making of video looks equally fantastic :


One Response to “La Vie En Rose – Natalie Portman Dior Commercial”


Maybe it´s just a matter of perceptions, but if it is not for Natalie Portman outstanding beauty and some sequences of nice visual sense, the add seems to me like nothing out of the ordinary. Im not an expert, and also a big fan of Sophia Coppola´s work.

Just to mention and do a little comparison, the “flower by kenzo” adds seems to me more powerful and challenging in therms of direction, edition & visuals.

I even bought the fragance, even i can´t use it (it´s for ladies jejeje) just to keep the aesthetic of the design.