Evangelion 3.0 Character And Mecha Designs

Posted By yonghow on November 19th, 2012

An unidentified source has uploaded some very high resolution scans of the character and mecha designs from the recently released Evangelion 3.0 animated film – the opening ticket sales have gone on to break box office records in Japan. The layout and presentation of these artwork suggest that are likely appear in the 3rd volume of the colossal art books published for the previous 2 films.

Expectations run really high for this sequel, especially because the first two films have been so spectacularly executed. I myself cannot wait for its arrival in the local cinemas.

Go here to see the rest of the character and mecha design sheets. Thanks to Vito for the heads up on this.


3 Responses to “Evangelion 3.0 Character And Mecha Designs”


Ritsuko Akagi looks FINE with that crop!
I’m super uber excited for this – not only are we getting more plot twists but we’re getting updated character designs! I sometimes with Asuka can wear her hair in a ponytail. Will Rei substitute as the 9th Children part of the time?

That Mark 09 with the rocket blaster thing looks a bit ridiculous (looks like a tumor that will push 00/09 straight to the ground), but I’m sure I’ll be blown away when I see it in action.


How i wish to be in Japan right now just to see the movie. Maybe next time will do. I’m tired to wait the BD to come out. Besides watching it on the big screen must be great.


dear halcyonrealms, firstly,thank you for your posts they are truly motivating and informative. for a while i have been practicing, and researching turnarounds and model sheets for character design and am unsure of the difference between a turnaround and model sheet and if they are the same? also, how exact do the proportions for each angle have to be in relationship to one another for model sheets and turnarounds to be approved? do the proportions (every detail) have to line up across exact only for turnarounds, or for model sheets as well. is a design approved as long as the character looks consistent and is understandable (tone, personality,etc.)? or will the model sheet be rejected if a detail (such as an ankle) in one angle is off by say, 3 cm? i apologize for the length. i’m confused as to how exact or loose each task is to be completed and whether or not they are one and the same. thank you for your time and consideration.