Blade of the Immortal Illustration Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on June 27th, 2008

I must have waited almost half my life for this book to be published. Finally, the full collection of Samura Hiroaki’s Blade of the Immortal illustrations –

Certainly the publishers must have timed the release to coincide with the upcoming anime adaptation of Blade. Read about the anime adaptation here.

Samura Hiroaki draws the most beautiful hands – I use to study his poses and am still influenced by his style of drawing these days.

You can get a copy of the book (Japanese version) here.

Get the English version of the art book here.

For fans of Samura Hiroaki’s artwork, you might also be interested in “Brutal Love”, another illustration artbook by him with a much darker, adult theme featuring bondage and nudity. You can get a copy here.


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tragic comedy

Picked this up from the local kinokuniya the other day…good stuff.
I want his other artbook, ‘love of the brute’


Where should do you think i can get conect with the story… via media…


I’ll def. be picking this one up. Already have Love of the Brute. Keep your eyes open on ebay for it…you’ll be paying for it though. Cost me $109.00


These are beautiful.
Definitely a MUST HAVE!!
Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

Love of Brute

I actually have a copy of the Love of Brute and am considering to sell it. If you want it, I’m willing to let go of it for $80.


thanks for the illustrations ^ ^


omygoddddddd! can you PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE sell me this book or at least somebody help me buy this book and i’ll pay you! i don’t have that kinokuniya whatever book store since i am from Canada! boo that! been wanting this! pleaseee help anyone! in appreciation for your help!!!!


just to let everyone know Dark Horse is going to publish this in english as a hardcover in the near future

“The Art of Blade of the Immortal—Hardcover edition of the original Japanese book with 32 new bonus pages not previously available. This book will be in the style of the Dark Horse The Art of . . . and Library Edition series.”



Great Illustrations!
My son is learning Japanese and I’m going to buy this manga, from your link, for him as his birthday gift next month 🙂

Mariana Teagan
Miami – FL


Man… are all these artbooks only available in Japan? and another thing.. does Gantz have a artbook too?


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