Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Posted By yonghow on July 8th, 2008

Miyazaki Hayao’s latest animated film “Ponyo on the cliff by the sea” ( 崖の上のポンヨ ) will soon be starting its theatrical run here in Japan from the 19th of July, and I had the chance to catch the trailer when I was in Roppongi last week before Indiana Jones 4 screened. This is Miyazaki-san’s first film in four years ( ever since Howl’s Moving Castle, which I also caught in Roppongi when I first arrived in 2004 ), so you can forgive me for been aptly excited. Below are some first look from the film !

There’s going to be a whole slew of Ghibli goodness this summer, first with Ponyo and then the Ghibli Layout Designs Exhibition at the Museum of Comtemporary Art ( The same place where the amazing Kazuo Oga background art exhibition was held last year. ) starting in late July, I’ll write more about it in another post soon. You might also want to check out these cool Ponyo artbooks.

So what’s your favourite Ghibli film ? Its tough to choose from so many good films, but mine has got to be Mononoke HIme.

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Wow!! It looks amazing! The colors are sooo vibrant. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open if it arrives in theatres here or else.. I’ll just have to wait for the DVD release. T__T

Andy H

Looks strange. A much looser animation style than usual. I just hope it doesnt fall into the usual ‘got curse, must lift it’ schtick that his films have seemed to follow since mononoke hime.

My fave ghibli film is Laputa by a long shot. I really cant decide which is my 2nd favourite – kiki and totoro are as good as each other! I havent enjoyed his more recent films as much as the older ones for some reason.


yamaguchi tomoko? could it possibly be the same yamaguchi tomoko as minami in long vacation?


Nausicaa. Fantastic world creation.

Harry D.

Choosing a favorite film from so many great classics is really hard. Spirited Away is the film that got me back on the right track inspiration wise, My Neighbor Totoro is just fantastic, and Grave of the Fireflies is on of the the most emotionally moving (animated) films ever made.

The great thing about Studio Ghibli films for me is that they are so original, and yet you can always recognise the style. Can’t wait to see this latest one.

eric orchard

now I’m freaking out, I can not wait.
Great blog.


Ivy – Hope you’ll have a chance to catch it soon too ! :]

Andy – Haha…I was thinking the same thing too when I first saw the trailer…a little strange indeed. Laputa has got a massive following alright – most of my friends tell me its their fav Ghibli film too.

Lss – You’re right on the money ! :]

Dave – I love Nausicaa very much too, its a little special because its the only Ghibli animation that also had a comic version, if I am not wrong.

HarryD – Your final comment sums up just what is so fascinating about Ghibli films, and why they are so enduring indeed. I can’t wait to see this one on the big screen too !

eric – Thank you ! You illustrations are beautiful ! I’ll be visiting your blog often now. :]

tragic comedy

my favorite has always been castle of cogliostro…Although technically it isnt a ghibli film.


tragic comedy – It isn’t ? Hmm…


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