Howl's Moving Castle Storyboard Book Review

Posted By blauereiter der on December 28th, 2012

The storyboards for Howl’s Moving Castle, drawn by Miyazaki-san himself ( just as he did for most of his other films ) allows you relive the film again at your own pace, shot by shot. At a whopping 648 pages, this is even thicker than the Princess Mononoke storyboard book.

Howl’s Moving Castle isn’t one of my favourite Ghibli films ( in my opinion Miyazaki-san’s best works are still the ones where he created his own stories and characters, and not adaptations ), but looking through these meticulously drawn boards make me want to re-watch the film again.

(above) The level of detail Miyazaki-san put in for these storyboards are just unbelievable – but better still, his Ponyo storyboards are in full color.

The blu-ray version of the film is now available – we just need Ghibli to release my favourite, Princess Mononoke.

Howl’s Moving Castle – The Storyboard Book details :

- Dimensions – 22.2 x 15.4 x 4.2 cm
- 648 pages
- Soft cover with cardboard slipcase
- Black and White, in Japanese


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2 Responses to “Howl's Moving Castle Storyboard Book Review”


648 pages! That’s massive.

I actually rather love Howl, I think I like it better than Spirited Away though I don’t think many would agree with me.


Animation/artwork from the ghibli studio are fantastic but most of the time the movies don’t mean a thing to me … maybe because i come from europe and i don’t have the cultural background the japanese have … Spirited away for example is beautiful but feels like nonsensical to me … Howl’s is my favourite because at least there is something like a story in it (too many shortcuts though … which still make it a bit of a “hazy” story) and the artwork is just gorgeous : the city inspired by Colmar in France, the castle, the wind everywhere, Howl’s room and the scene with the dancing lights which is just magical …

Thinking about it imho the best ghibli movie is definitely Grave of the Fireflies by Takahata !

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